The Board of the BHCAF will, as appropriate, act as the Review Committee for proposals.  Where appropriate or necessary,
the BHCAF Board will appoint others with relevant expertise and/or experience to serve as ad hoc reviewers (e.g., for health
research or educational project proposals).  Ad hoc reviewers will be anonymous so that they can be as candid as possible
in their reviews.

Proposals will be treated as confidential information and will not be disclosed to persons other that the BHCAF Board or its
appointed reviewers.  Ad hoc reviewers will be expected to keep proposals confidential and will be expected to observe high
standards of professionalism in their reviews.

Proposers will, to the extent feasible, receive written feedback on their proposals.  However, personal consultations with
individual Board members or with reviewers concerning specific review comments will not be possible.   
Review Process
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